New Beginnings, new adventures

Apr 19, 2024Blog Post


Join the Davis Arts Center in a time of growth! New beginnings open the door to so many opportunities and new adventures, jump in and make some memories with us. 

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2024 is bringing so many new beginnings to Davis Arts Center and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Even though change can sometimes be scary, it can also open so many doors, help us become more resilient, and inspire growth. When we are faced with unavoidable change, we can either hold on to the things we know or embrace the unknown and keep going. We are experiencing change in every way possible at Davis Arts Center and we decided to embrace it and enjoy the ride! We are very excited about all the new opportunities there will be and look forward to sharing this attitude with our community!

Although it was bittersweet to say goodbye to Stacie, our former Executive Director, we are excited to be interviewing amazing candidates for the job, we will keep you posted!

This year we are also experiencing changes in our Board of Directors, saying goodbye to some of our long-standing members and welcoming new ones. Hilary and Lara will be greatly missed but we are happy to welcome Karla and Janica to the team.

We continue to expand our class offerings and welcome a couple new teaching artists and couldn’t be happier about it. Our students love the new offerings and new Teaching Artists and they have made a great addition to our staff team.

Davis Arts Center’s Teaching Artists
From left to right: Roshelle, Lindsay, Verena, Brandon, Andrew, and Maria

Did you know the Davis Arts Center building was built in 1987?! In order to keep our building safe and welcoming for our community, much needed upgrades needed to be done. We were dealing with damage from the elements and just the normal wear and tear from a building that’s 37 years old. We are installing new windows, new carpet, and fixing some walls that badly needed some TLC. Even though it’s bittersweet, we had to remove the stage, a feature very much loved by our community. As it always happens, once it was removed, a whole new world of possibilities opened in our new Atrium space.  We are looking forward to sharing the space once the renovations are complete and creating many memories in this beautiful new space we will have.

Left: Carpet has been replaced in office spaces.
Right: Work and repairs continue both indoors and outdoors.

Last year, we started a project of developing curriculum for visual arts in elementary schools that is aligned with CA state standards. This curriculum is being used throughout the Sacramento region in elementary schools and afterschool programs. We are expanding the curriculum with a goal of being adopted for use in elementary schools throughout the state!

Even with all these exciting changes happening, we are happy to continue to keep our classes going and help make art attainable for everyone. We will continue to make Davis Arts Center a welcoming and safe space for our community and hope you consider donating during this year’s Big Day of Giving and help us keep this dream going.

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