Mission Statement

Davis Arts Center helps the Sacramento region’s youth cultivate the visual artist within, fostering creativity, curiosity, resiliency, and empathy for others.

Vision Statement

All children in California will have access to an Arts education that develops essential life skills. Through artistic practice, students will develop a strong work ethic and a respect for materials, process and subject. Students will be part of a creative community that celebrates the power and reward of close examination of our world, a willingness to engage in self-discovery, flexibility in the face of challenges, and a sense of joy in achievement.


DAC values Risk Taking: The best way to see if something works is to try it. Encouraging experimentation and discovery.

DAC values Pride: Confronting challenges brings confidence and fulfillment.

DAC values Connection: Inspiring exchange of ideas, respect for each other and building community that come from working together.

DAC values Joy: The meaningful inspirations and excitement of creating something.