The Athens Guitar Duo

March 7, 2015


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First constituted at the University of Georgia as the Athens Guitar Trio, the internationally touring Athens Guitar Duo has been consistently entertaining audiences for the past nine years, offering exquisitely crafted performances, each presented with a delicacy and creativity only to be found among the finest of chamber ensembles. The duo’s members, Dusty Woodruff and Matthew Anderson, have opened up the world of the guitar to new audiences and have promoted the works of both modern and traditional composers with a youthfulness and freshness that makes the music of those composers come alive.

There can be no doubt as to the commitment of the Athens Duo to this music. There is a crispness, a colouration and a sense of involvement which is most attractive. As must be a requirement of good duos, they play as if joined at the hip.

-David Billinge (Music Web International)

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