Ninth Annual Celebration of the 7-String Guitar

July 7, 2015

NateLopezwebThis year’s program includes new age music, jazz/blues, movie themes and the ancient ragas of India. The Southern California ensemble Sukhavati presents original new age compositions for the 20-stringed harp guitar and hand bells. Santa Rosa guitarist Nate Lopez (pictured at right) will “funk it up” on the seven and eight-string guitar. Trio Seven will engage the audience with their favorite movie themes. Indian musician Steve Oda will bless the room with his 25-stringed sarod while accompanied by Matthew Grasso on a modified raga guitar and William Rossel on tabla.

Featured performers:

Matthew Grasso – modified raga guitar, extended 7-string guitar
Nate Lopez – 7-string guitar
Steve Oda – sarod (25-stringed Indian instrument)
Nick Vest – 20-course harp-guitar
Matthew Foley – extended 7-string guitar
Harry Stoddard – extended 7-string guitar
William Rossel – tabla (Indian percussion)
Ayame – hand bells

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