Drama in Agriculture

Event Details


Davis Arts Center is honored to welcome the return of Dave Webb and a new collection of his amazing photographs for our November exhibition, Drama in Agriculture.  With a dog in the backseat, Dave and his spouse, Melinda, have been driving the backroads of Yolo and Solano Counties for at least a decade, capturing images with his trusty iPhone.   What you will see on display were all done using his pocket photo studio: an iPhone and a variety of apps.  The images range in size from 20”x30” to 5”x7” and are printed on metal and paper, or are housed in “glowing frames.”  For additional information about Dave Webb, please visit his web site, davewebbcreative.com.

The exhibit runs November 7 through the 17.  There will be a free Second Friday ArtAbout reception on Friday, November 9, from 6 – 8pm.  Dave will be present and enjoys discussing his work.


Some photographers have been slow to accept phone photography, decrying the format and stating that “anyone can do it.”  Poor arguments when you consider the number of a pots and pans found in kitchens, but a lack of Alice Waters or Mario Batalis therein.  Dave’s mastery of his tools is clearly evident.  His keen eye for composition, line and color can been seen in every image.  But Dave’s work is much more than technically proficient, for he brings an understanding and empathy of the subject matter:  be it the emblematic, red tomatoes dotting the shoulder of a curvy county road awaiting the end of the canicule or the mystery of the erratically painted traffic lines out on the road to the dump.  His manipulations often pull a viewer into the image to careful examine the content, context, composition or simply to further enjoy.  Dave has captured the drama that can be found in agriculture, but also the transitory nature of life.

November is Phone Art Month!

In addition to the exhibit, by proclamation of the Davis City Council and the citizens of the City of Davis, November 2018 is Phone Art Month in Davis.  The proclamation in-part encourages residents “to embrace all types of visual art, both established and new; and urge[s] residents to participate in the joy of creation by participating in Phone Art Month in Davis by visiting the [sic] Davis Arts Center exhibit and taking photos and posting them to the web during November at http://www.facebook.com/PhoneArtInDavis?fref=ts”  You may also tag your Facebook images with @PhoneArtinDavis.