10th Annual Celebration of the 7-String

July 7, 2016

The final guitar performance of the year will be Matthew Grasso’s 10th Annual Celebration of the 7-String on July 7 at 7:07 pm. It’s a wonderful occasion for guitarists, guitar aficionados and music lovers in general to hear a variety of uncommon instruments, learn about their use and construction directly from performers, luthiers and music historians.


Diane Hubka – 7-string jazz guitarist and vocalist
Jeff Titus – 24-stringed Carlson Oracle Harp Sympitar
Jon Mendle – 19th century 7-string guitar
Steve Oda – sarod (25-stringed Indian instrument)
Matthew Grasso – 15-stringed tantrakari guitar
William Rossel – tabla (Indian percussion)

The program includes acoustic finger style, jazz, blues, classical and the ancient ragas of India. Diane Hubka an LA based singer and 7-guitarist will perform some jazz standards. Jeff Titus performs on a unique 24-stringed oracle harp-guitar inspired by the late Michael Hedges. Jon Mendle reveals the inner secrets of the 19th century 7-string guitar. Indian musicians Steve Oda, Matthew Grasso, and William Rossel will perform the sacred ragas in North India.




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