Fruit & Veggie Quilt, by Maya Delaney, age 8
Fruit & Veggie Quilt, by Maya Delaney, age 8

It’s In The Bag Art Contest


Thirty-four young artists between the ages of 7 and 14 participated in this contest sponsored by Whole Foods Market Davis to promote healthy foods through art. The variety of styles, themes and creative designs we received was truly impressive!

Our judges selected  three artworks by Sarah Butler, age 7; Maya Delaney, age 8; and Stella Maze, age 9 as finalists, based on artistry and suitability for transfer to a tote bag. Voting took place online from October 4 – October 13, 2014.

The design garnering  the most votes was “Fruit and Veggie Quilt” by Maya Delaney, pictured above. Her design was printed on tote bags which were sold at Whole Foods Market Davis in December 2014.  Funds raised through this project went to Davis Arts Center to support its arts education and outreach programs.


Kids, here’s your chance to have your art displayed on a custom-made organic tote bag! Submit artwork showing us what you like about growing, shopping for, cooking or eating your favorite healthy foods. Contest deadline is September 30, 2014. Representatives from Davis Arts Center and Whole Foods Market Davis will select the top 5 submissions, which will be entered into an online contest where community members can vote for their favorite designs. Voting will take place October 1 – 10. The winning design will be printed on tote bags which will be sold at Whole Foods Market Davis in December. A variety of submitted artwork will also be chosen for exhibit at Davis Arts Center during this time. All funds raised through this project will go to Davis Arts Center to support its arts education and outreach programs.


Contest theme: Healthy foods that I love to put in my shopping bag!

In Yolo County, we are surrounded by beautiful farmlands and gardens that produce delicious, healthy foods. What’s your favorite healthy food? Where was it grown? What does it look like on the farm or in the garden? What does it look like in the store? What does it looks like when you are preparing it or when it’s on your plate? Show us one thing that you like most about growing, selecting and eating healthy food.

  • Submit a photograph of your original artwork at our online contest site. Only 1 entry per contestant allowed.
  • Art entries must depict whole, healthy foods – no foods that come in plastic wrappers!
  • Original artwork must be 2-dimensional and no larger than 17” x 12.” Watercolor, acrylics, ink, collage, mixed media, found materials, and original graphics may be used. Be creative!
  • Keep your original artwork in a safe place – if you win, your original design MUST be used for transfer onto bags

We encourage you to go to your local Whole Foods or other market to look for your favorite locally grown foods. Think about why you like them, where they come from and why they are healthy! Find out more about delicious foods that are good for you at



  • Entrants must be between 7 and 14 years of age on August 1, 2014.
  • All entries must be original, and must not be a copy of any existing work.
  • Submissions must include: Artist’s first name and age; Description of artwork in child’s words; Name of parent or guardian and contact information. More details can be found on submission website.