Creative Natural History Guide

A book by Davis, for Davis. 540 artists ages 4-99+ submitted over 600 drawings and paintings to creatively portray our natural history.

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There is a once and future Davis that existed and will exist as a small town in the midst of a thriving landscape, alive with animals and plants in a way that caused some ecologists to call this region “the Serengeti of North America.” What we have now is severely diminished by the surrounding industrial agriculture, but that system is not sustainable and will not last. Meanwhile, what these artists have found in our currently existing town are the amazing survivors and precursors of that healthier biome that once was and will come again. Every sighting around town, and all these beautiful images, are reminders that Davis’s first century is just the start of our story of living here and “becoming native to this place.”

– Kim Stanley Robinson

This book was produced with support from the City of Davis Civic Arts Grants, Yolo Basin Foundation, Putah Creek Council, and the Davis School Arts Foundation.