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MARCH 10, 2014

New website launches name change and rebranding for local arts center

Davis, CA – The Davis Art Center has officially changed its name to Davis Arts Center.  The new name is a result of strategic planning by the Board of Directors and staff, which began in spring 2013, when the decision was made to have a new logo and website designed for the Center. It was clear that along with the new branding, the name should reflect who and what the organization truly is.

Davis Arts Center, since its inception in 1960, has always been a place for multi-disciplinary arts education. Visual arts and dance have long been associated with the Arts Center, but music, literary, performance and theater arts are also offered at Davis Arts Center. In addition to the standard five arts disciplines, the Arts Center offers classes in martial arts, yoga and Zumba, computer arts programming and video arts.

The circular logo that was created to pair with the new name is an abstract representation of all the multiples that weave the fabric of the Arts Center. Along with classes and programs in all of the arts, the Arts Center community is multi-generational and multi-cultural. There are multiple ways in which to experience the Arts Center – through learning in a classroom, attending a concert or performance, participating in an interactive program, and viewing varied gallery exhibitions throughout the year. Davis Arts Center also collaborates with multiple organizations and partners on community programs throughout the area.

A new website,, not only implements the branding, but incorporates a new class registration component. Davis Arts Center offers hundreds of classes throughout the year taught by over 70 professional teaching artists, so the organization invested in sophisticated software to provide seamless integration with the website.

“We are thrilled to be unveiling both a new logo and a new website.  By adding an ‘s’ to our name to become Davis Arts Center, and by adopting a dynamic new design, we are representing the creativity and energy of the huge array of opportunities we provide for self-expression through arts.” said Roberta Savage, Board President. “This also represented the perfect time to create a whole new website as a showcase for our rich offering of classes and events and as an easy and accessible way to register.”

An “arts love” themed Launch Party event to celebrate the new branding will takes place on Saturday, April 5 from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.  Current participants, members and friends, as well as anyone interested in learning about the Arts Center, are invited to attend the free open-house event. Performances, interactive arts activities and free classes will give a glimpse of experiences that happen all year at the Arts Center. Every attendee will receive a free piece of Davis Arts Center merchandise, which may include t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, insulated lunch bags and smaller items. Larger prizes, such as free class sessions and gift certificates, will also be given.


Davis Arts Center, located at 1919 F Street, is a gathering place for dynamic engagement with the arts. Through multidisciplinary classes and programs for the regional community, the Art Center inspires creative expression in people of all ages and fosters an environment for the arts to flourish.