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THIS PAGE IS FOR THE 2016 DAVIS ART STUDIO TOUR.  It is kept only as a reference of the 2016 Tour.  For current information on the Tour, please visit our main page.


Davis Arts Center is pleased to host the 2016 Davis Art Studio Tour and thanks you for your interest.

The Davis Art Studio Tour will be October 15 and 16 from 10am – 5pm.  Work from all artists on the Tour will be on display at Davis Arts Center from October 12-November 3, including the Saturday and Sunday of the Tour.

Tickets to the Tour are $10 per person, under 12 free but must be accompanied by a ticket holder.  Tickets available September 1.  Tickets may be purchased online (until 7pm, October 10), via phone (530-756-4100) and in-person at Davis Arts Center.  Tickets purchased online may be picked up at Davis Arts Center or if requested, will be mailed.

Davis Art Studio Tour tickets may be purchased at Davis Arts Center at 1919 F Street

Click here to download the Davis Art Studio Tour program
(free higher resolution paper version at Davis Arts Center)

The following artists will be featured:  Deladier Almeida, Gayle BonDurant, Marie-Therese Brown, Frances Burke, Magdalene Crivelli, Lynne Cunningham, Bunny Cunningham, Christopher Dewees, Philippe Gandiol, Phil Gross, Hannah Hunter, Joanna Kidd, Mary Neri King, Marlene Lee, Donna Lemongello, Anne Lincoln, Emma Luna, Dori Marshall, Cynthia Martin Kroener, Brigitte Mayer, Nancy LaBerge Muren, Betty Nelsen, Sally Parker, Sara Post, Marguerite Schaffron, Adele Shaw, Rob Stone, Andrea Stone, Jan Walker, Thelma Weatherford and Beth Winfield.


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If you are a local artists and would like to be notified about the 2017 Davis Art Studio Tour, please contact Davis Arts Center.  Thank you.